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Natural Aquarium Secrets Pamplet

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Natural Aquarium Secrets - Nature's Pathways to Success
By Bob Goemans
Paperback - 32 pages

Are today's aquarists repeating the errors of those before them? Are some of today's methods simply re-hashed old, tried and failed methods with a slightly newer look or are they leading edge art and science tuned towards the closed system's environmental needs? Whatever your opinion, could be you'll see things somewhat differently after reading this booklet. And if you do I'm sure the animals in your aquarium will benefit because research has shown that with efficient usage of energy, whether that is light or chemical energy, system environments are much improved. And, that all depends upon the supply of that energy and the pathways it must travel.

Think of these pathways as the streets and roads that transport the 'energy' that link the entire maze of metabolic and chemical functions which are occurring in the aquarium. Keep in mind all aspects of the journey are important and interconnected because fundamentally they finally affect the microbe's health and ability to function/reproduce. It's they who actually control the wellbeing of the system. If this is to be accomplished we first need to look at light, water, and substrate pathways, as they are the main highways that lead to Camelot. Then look at those important microbial processes and how and why their functions are more preferred than those performed by infauna.  The microbial processes are basically the same in freshwater and seawater. The only difference is the names of the players.

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