MicMol Aqua CC LED - Marine
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It's the Aqua CC, the revolutionary design from ✪MicMol. We are always thinking an idea which can be Classic and suitable for Collection. This should not only a products, it's a pleasing and cool streamline CC. That's why we designed and named it as Aqua CC.
10mm (0.39") no more thin, the great design for the Aqua CC.
Build 7 Band LED, the Full HD Spectrum let your tank shining and beauty.
Genius Bracket, quickly install and adjust your lighting for your tank.
The iMOS 3.0 controller, functionally and powerfully, easy to set the program.
The 2 meter (78") connect cable which can connect your controller at anywhere.
Global Standards Certification, UL, CE, RoHS etc. Safe and environmental protection.
How we design
We always pursuing the original design from the practice and application. We made a lot of test samples before the final plan which is make sure the lighting become more simply and easily to use. It's carved from a single solid block of aluminium. Created by computer controlled CNC for numerical engineering precision, from the inside to the outside with an accuracy of 0.1mm. Accurate fit of 3D arc glass makes the entire lamp perfect. The beautiful appearance let the light not only a lighting, but an art form's performance.
Smart Controller - iMOS 3.0
The Smart Controller was upgraded to iMOS 3.0 now, It's come with abundant settings: the Clock, Auto mode, Manual mode, Lightning, Demo with 3 channels. The Auto Mode come with 6 timer points (dawn, sunrise, midday, sunset, dusk and night), the smooth gradient is very smart to simulate the natural lighting effects which make your tank very colorful and vivid.
Installation Systems
The greatest design, the genius bracket. Just one CLICK, its will installing the Aqua CC very quickly, no more thinking, no more screw and no more adjusting. The flexible way which can help you to find the best cover position of the lighting for your tank. Now, let's start ...
Item No.: ACC-30-M
Power: 30W
LEDs: 58pcs High Intensity 0.5W SMD5730 LEDs
Weight: 0.26kg (0.55 Pound)
Shipping Weight: 1.0kg (2.2 Pound)
Size: 250X80X10mm (9.85"x3.15"x0.39")
Packing: 265x230x70mm (10.5"x3.6"x2.8")
Universal Input Range: AC100-240V, 2.0A
Aqua CC 1 PC : Suit For Min: 250mm ~ Max: 450mm
LED Array
14pcs * Cool White (12000~16000K) White
28pcs * Royal Blue (450~455nm) Blue
2pc * Blue (470~475nm) Special
4pc * Deep Red (660~665nm) Special
4pc * Green (510~520nm) Special
2pc * Warm White (3000~3500K) Special
2pc * Violet (410~415nm) Special
2pc * UV (380~395nm) Special
What's in the Box
1 * Aqua CC
1 * Genius Bracket
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Connect Cable
1 * Printed Instructions
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