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Maxspect Coral Hand saw

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Maxspect Coral Hand Saw is a fragging to to take on the serious coral cuts. The Saw Blade is treated with a Anti-Corrosion coating. Handle is made with a 315L surgical grade stainless steel.

Customer Reviews

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Performs Poorly On Wet Rock Jul 26, 2020
This saw is practically useless when cutting WET live rock. Originally purchased to cut flat plating rocks for a Bonsai sculpture. Not once did it cut all the way through. I ended up just using it to make my scoring lines to use a hammer and chisel.
Great product Feb 29, 2020
This a great tool for aquascaping. I use a 4 inch diamond blade on a hand held grinder for the heavy work, and this saw for the hard to reach spots like the center of a rock being cut in half. Works on Marco rock which is pretty dense stuff. Haven't tried it on coral yet.
Maxspect Coral Gluegun and Coral Handsaw

In Today's video, we take a look at both the Maxspect Coral Gluegun and Coral Handsaw, which both are available at Premium Aquatics.