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Marineland Maxi-Jet Pro 1200 Water Pump - 295gph

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Maxi Jet PRO powerheads!

Fully convertible for a variety of freshwater and marine uses. Perfect as a power head or circulation pump. All parts included to convert from powerhead to circulation pump.
-Propeller specifically designed to maximize water flow.
-Propeller Cage protects the propeller and aquarium inhabitants whyile minimizing flow restrictions.
-Omni-Directional Mount allows you to adjust the pump to fit the proper current needs inside the aquarium.

Model Powerhead Flow Circulation Flow Max Head (utility mode)
400 110GPH 500GPH 3.0'
600 160GPH 750GPH 3.5'
900 230GPH 1000GPH 4.0'
1200 295GPH 1300GPH 5.5'



Customer Reviews

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Great pump Sep 15, 2015
I have several of these pumps. 8 or 10, I'm not sure.

Some have been running continuously for 8 years.

Some I use to transfer water/saltwater sporadically.

Several have been run dry for days at a time (forgot to turn them off when transferring water). Once for over a week.

One was unplugged and sitting in my saltwater display tank for several years. Soaked it in vinegar overnight to remove the accretion of coraline. Plugged it in and it worked.

None of the Maxi-Jets have ever failed.

I recommend these pumps highly.