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Marine Foods Krill+ Pellets 2.4mm - 2.8oz

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V2O Foods
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newVision marine Krill+ (Medium)
Soft & Moist PELLETS - 2.4 mm sinking for Marine Fish & LPS Corals
Irresistible Flavor and EZ-to-Feed Soft & Moist texture
Nutritious Seafood and Spirulina ingredients + Astaxanthin pigments
Coated with 100% PURE Antarctic Krill Oil and Krill Protein sprinkles
Sinking pellets - Perfect for AUTOMATIC FEEDERS
•      2.4 mm sinking pellets
It’s all About the FLAVOR and EZ-to-FEED soft & moist palatability that 95% of marine fish simply cannot resist! This nutritious formula includes fish and seafood ingredients, fish oil, Spirulina algae, Astaxanthin pigment, and vitamins, amino acids, and trace nutrients. In the final production stage, the pellets are coated with 100% PURE Antarctic Krill Oil and  a sprinkling of Krill Protein particles.
An excellent, convenient and nutritious supplement to Frozen of Live Foods. It’s a perfect food for an AUTOMATIC FEEDER because the pellets sink easily with no chance of surface-skimming.

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