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Marco Key Largo Marco Dry Rock / Live rock - 40 lb Box

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This auction is for a total of 40 pounds of DRY ROCK, various shapes and sizes

NOTE: This rock is completely DRY, not alive and can ship safely UPS Ground. Rock is sold per LB (not per piece).

Marco Reef Rock
"Saving the reef, one rock at a time."

-Natural calcium carbonate rock
-Compare to Marco Dry Rock and Reef Rock Central Dry Rock
- This product will never ever be collected from a living reef
-A product of the USA
-More range in sizes of rocks

The best base rock you will find for your aquarium. Each box is hand packed by a reef tank enthusiast to ensure you will get what you need and want for your reef tank or salt water aquarium. Premium Aquatics Reef Saver Rock has a wide variety of sizes and is the most porous, lightweight and has the greatest surface area of any rock we have seen. Premium Aquatics Reef Saver Rock is the finest dry rock, and makes the finest live rock available. Let us know specific sizes and our packers will try and accommodate as close as possible. Average rock size on Marco is usually around a medium sized rock. Average 25lb box for example would be around 5-7 rocks, but this can vary.

Customer Reviews

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Packaged well! Feb 20, 2021
Ordered 2 boxes and had no breakage. Good mix of rocks, 1 box had larger rocks and the other had medium to smaller sized rocks. 2 thumbs up!