Manado Live Rock - Cured
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NOTE: Rock is sold per LB (not per piece). If you have any special requests for your rock, please contact us. We will do our best to fulfill what you're looking for (although we cannot guarantee it all to be exactly what you're wanting).

Manado Liverock, our newest #1 primo liverock available! We have long been looking for a replacement of Marshall Island liverock, only to come up empty... until now!

Manado Liverock's structure is very similar to that of it's predecessor, Marshall Island, with large, fused fingers and branches of old coral skeletons. The porosity of Manado liverock is excellent, making this a very light weight, easily stackable rock. The porosity also yields in excellent water flow throughout the structure of your reefscape, keeping detritus buildup within the rockwork to a minimum.

Please note that the lack of density to this rock nets you more volume per pound than most other rocks on the market. When calculating your purchase we recommend figuring on 10% to 20% less with Manado rock versus other rocks available on the market.

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