MAKO 5 Stage RO/DI System 50gpd
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The AquaFX Mako Reverse Osmosis Deionization System

The AquaFX Mako is the Barracuda's big brother. It has 2 DI canisters so the DI wont need to be serviced as often. The AquaFX Mako also sports a factory Dual Inline TDS Meter that is only an option on the AquaFX Barracuda.

•High Efficiency 1-micron Sediment Pre-filter
•Carbon Block
•AquaFX TFC US Made Membrane
•Dual 18 Meg Virgin Color-Indicating DI Resin
•2-micron Chlorine Guzzler Carbon Block Pre-filter
•High Flow/ High Rejection TFC Membrane
•Dual High-Efficiency Color-Indicating DI Cartridge
•160 PSI Pressure Gauge Marked with Operating and Unsafe Ranges
•Inline TDS Meter; Standard with the AquaFX MAKO
•Extra Heavy Duty Solid Aluminum "No-Rust" Metal Keykoled Mounting Bracket
•Clear 10" Filter Cartridge Housings

All systems include quick connect fittings, a shut off valve, a filter wrench for easy cartridge replacement, and a feed adapter.

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