Magnetic Seahorse Feeding Station - GLOW IN THE DARK
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Now with Magnets!
Train your seahorses to feed from one place, keep your tank cleaner, and save money!
 The SaltCritters Magnetic Seahorse feeding station is a great way to target feed your seahorses while minimizing competition from tank mates.
Minimizes the amount of food being lost in your aquarium.  
Less wasted food = cleaner aquarium and Less money spent on food.
Your seahorses will love our Seahorse feeder.
Ours sure do!
The inside feeding tray section is 3 3/16" x 2"
The feeding tray with seahorse hitching posts is 3 5/16" x 5 5/16"
The tube is 5" tall.
The entire unit is 6" tall
Fits tanks up to 1/2" thick
Extra tubes can be added to extend the length.
Multiple colors to choose from.  
We designed these to be taken apart for easier shipping and cleaning.  
For a more secure fit the tube joints can be glued or tape can be wrapped around the tube before being inserted to make a very tight yet still removable fit.
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