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LRS Green Seaweed - 1oz

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LRS (Larry's Reef Services)
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LRS Premium seaweed is tested and found to be FREE from over 400 possible contaminants and radiation.

LRS seaweed was trusted in the yellow tang captive breedingproject due to the lab test results verifying the purity and quality of the sheet seaweed.

"We have been using LRS sheet seaweed for about eight months now with our Yellow Tang broodstock. We prefer this product over the grocery store variety due to Larry's extensive quality control screening of the seaweed."

Chatham K. Callan, PhD.

Director - Finfish Program and Affiliate Faculty

Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University

Using our vast network of resources we found an importer of seaweed harvested from waters which are tested to be free from pollutants, heavy metals and radiation. In addition Porphyra yezoensis is one of the most nutrient rich seaweeds you can feed your herbivores.

Sure, many folks feed seaweed purchased from the local Asian market, as it is very cost effective. However, due to many enviornmental variables there is a BIG difference in the quality and purity of sheet seaweed in the marketplace.

Seaweed or "Nori" is graded, packaged, and sold, based on the grade it is given regarding palatability, texture, appearance and imperfections. If you hold a package of LRS seaweed next to any other brand you can clearly see the difference in vibrance and texture. Your fish can taste the difference for sure, which is why this product has a very strong following with very little advertising!

  LRS Premium Seaweed is packaged in a heat sealed, UDSA food grade poly bag which contains one ounce (30 gram) or approximately 22 sheets, which measure 4 x 7.5 inches.

Customer Reviews

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Love this product! Dec 10, 2018
The LRS Seaweed is a great food for the fish! It's much fresher than the other brands that I have used, and it doesn't fall apart like the others. The fish Love this seaweed!! I highly recommend this food!