New Life Spectrum Advanced - Grow Cell - Medium Microcapsules - Powder (300-400 microns) - 15g
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New Life Spectrum® Reef •Cell Regular Microcapsules: Neutrally buoyant non-polluting food capsules for newly-hatched fish fry/larvae to promote rapid growth.
300 microns – 400 microns
New Life Spectrum® is committed to using the latest advancements in food science technology for superior solutions for aquarium nutrition. Micro-encapsulation is a breakthrough that allows for non-water soluble, neutrally buoyant microbeads of nutrients that are a superior substitute for phytoplankton and zooplankton. And now, we’re offering more options than ever.
• Buoyancy keeps most cells in the water column versus immediately settling to the bottom of the tank*
• Encapsulated structure is water stable for reduced polution
• Capsules are digestible in stomach acids, but not water
• The smaller sized capsules are similar in size to zooplankton and phytoplankton
*Capsultes will eventually settle over time if unconsumed
80% of Reef•Cell beads are 50 microns or less
Note: Cell Products are currently part of the Original Series products and will contain Ethoxyquin


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