Korallen-Zucht Sponge Power 10ml - Expired but usable
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BRAND NEW EXPIRED - Expire date is 8-2018. The Official Zeo manufacture expire date is 1 year after the sticker expire date, has big cushion. So this product is not actually expired, but we are selling 50% off because of the date. So it's safe to use 1 year past the date and Zeo says you can use past expire date as well, will just slowly loose potency.  SAVE 50%

Sponge Power
Korallen-Zucht produces a wide range of additive products formulated for both general application and targeted color refining. Each of these additives has been tested and formulated by the most qualified labs and uses only the highest grade ingredients. Through countless hours of research and observation, Korallen-Zucht™ has formulated an assortment of supplements and coral foods to both foster improved growth and promote increased vigor.  
Sponge Power enhances the growth of filter feeding species like sponges, Tridacna clams and sea squirts. The increased growth helps these organisms process a larger volume of tank water and results in increased water quality.
Quick Data:
Liquid Additive / only intended for Marine Aquarium use
Can be used to enhance the growth potential of all SPS corals 
Regular use will result in visibly improved polyp extension and growth
Increases micro-fauna biodiversity and stability 
If used correctly will not foul aquarium water nor increase organic waste levels 
Can be used in combination with the Zeovit system or standalone to enhance the health and appearance of corals
Available in 10ml, 50ml, 100ml sizes
Fastens growth
Extends SPS growth tips
Enhances purple coloration in SPS corals
Supports rapid regeneration in damaged or newly fragged corals
Dosage and special Considerations:
Dosage: 1-3 drops / 25 US-Gallons , Daily 
Do not exceed recommended amount
Refer to Zeovit guide for complete System and phase instructions
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