Kolar Labs DI Resin Color Indicating In Canister
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Kolar Labs DI Resin Color Indicating In Canister


KOLAR FILTRATION IS THE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR LANXESS Lewatit® NM-65 DI RESIN INDICATOR (color changing) to the aquatics industry in North America. From the same trusted German manufacturer, Lanxess, that has made our GFO Bayoxide E33 and E33HC products.
-Vacuum sealed in Mylar bags, the day it arrives with guaranteed freshness and quality.
-Specially formulated mixed bed resin is Ideal for aquarium application.
-Reduces TDS to ZERO
- Purple color turns to neutral when resin bed needs changing
Lewatit® NM 65 is a premium grade, gel type, high capacity, color indication mixed ion exchange resin prepared with a 1:1 chemically equivalent ratio of cation to anion resin.
Lewatit® NM 65 is a mixture of gel type cation exchange resin and a standard cross-linked gel type anion exchange resin. The mixed resin is prepared from component resins which have been manufactured with the highest degree of purity and conversion to the H+ / OH form.
LANXESS® can look back on more than 75 years of experience in ion exchange resins with its extensive Lewatit® range. The high-performance products are used in numerous industries to treat and purify water and other liquid media.
•       1) For best efficiency, use TDS monitor for rise in TDS and color change.   Change resin upon exhaustion.
•       2) Best used after Reverse osmosis for zero TDS water for the aquatics industry
•       3) If chloramines are present in source water, pre-filter with catalytic carbon or carbon block to extend life of DI resin. 


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