Kolar Labs 3.4 kg, (7.5lb) DI Resin Non-Color Indicating
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Kolar Labs 3.4 kg, (7.5lb) DI Resin Non-Color Indicating

LANXESS® can look back on more than 75 years of experience in ion exchange resins with its extensive Lewatit® range. The high-performance products are used in numerous industries to treat and purify water and other liquid media.
Lewatit® NM 60 SG is a mixture of gel type cation exchange resin in the hydrogen (H) form, and a gel type anion exchange resin in the hydroxide (OH) form. The mixed resin is prepared from component resins which have been manufactured with the highest degree of purity and conversion to the H / OH form.
From the same trusted German manufacturer, Lanxess, that has made GFO Bayoxide® E33 and Bayoxide® E33 HC products, for years, throughout the aquatic industry.
-Specially formulated mixed bed resin is Ideal for aquarium application.
-Reduces TDS to ZERO
- Place at final stage in your RO system
- Non-color indicating, saves money if you already monitor TDS (more accurate)
- 1.3 pound(600g) fills standard DI canister (packed tight for best efficiency!)
-Vacuum sealed in Mylar bags, the day it arrives with guaranteed freshness and quality.
•       1)  fills one standard 10-inch refillable cartridge, packed tight for best efficiency.
•       2) For best efficiency, use TDS monitor for rise in TDS and color change.   Change resin upon exhaustion.
•       3) Best used after Reverse osmosis for zero TDS water for the aquatics industry
•       4) If chloramines are present in source water, pre-filter with catalytic carbon or carbon block to extend life of DI resin. 
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