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Klir Automatic Drop-In Filter Roller 7" - **Brand New Gen 1 Previous Version Model**

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Klir Fleece Filter Di-7
Enjoy maintenance-free aquarium filtration for months at a time.
Klir Filter Di-7 automatically unrolls new filtering material, removing suspended particles from your aquarium and producing crystal clear water. 
Fully automatic
Directly replaces 7-inch filter socks
Holds 50 yards of 50-micron fleece
Capable of filtering up to 1800 GPH per unit
Modular mechanical filtration at its finest
The Patent Pending Klir Fleece Filter Di-7 fits directly into most 7in filter sock chambers that automatically unrolls new material as it gets clogged, removing suspended particles from your aquarium and producing crystal clear water.  Enjoy maintenance-free aquarium filtration for months at a time.
The Klir filter is a direct replacement for filter socks on sumps with sock trays. Simply remove your sock and insert the Klir.  As water passes through the Klir filter and the filtering material becomes saturated with waste, the water level will begin to rise.  When the water makes contact with the optical sensor, a motor is activated to advance clean filtering material. As clean material is exposed, water is now able to flow freely, lowering the water level in the sock tray and deactivating the motor. 
Klir's filtration provides three main benefits:
Results in crystal clear water filtered down to 50-microns — double the filtering capacity of most filter-socks.
Waste is removed from the water column before it has time to breakdown, helping to maintain low nutrient parameters!
The constant chore of monitoring and swapping filter socks or other mechanical media every few days is eliminated for months at a time. Once the filtering media is exhausted, replacing it is a snap and very economical.
1 - 50 Micron / 50 Yards of fleece
Klir offers a filtering capacity of 50 microns making it two to four times more efficient than filter socks.
Most aquarium mechanical filtration incorporates 200 micron filter socks which begin to clog in a matter of days. Some very brave users opt for 100 micron socks which clog in mere hours. Leaving filter socks in your system any longer are detrimental as food and waste begins to decay within the filter sock.
Klir removes waste from your water column before it has time to break down and consistently filters at 50 microns unlike filter socks, whose filtering capacity naturally diminishes as they are used, washed and reused.
If you feel that 50 micron filtration is too agreesive for your system, then you can opt for a higher micron rating — 50, 80 and 120 micron fleece will soon be available.
1 - One inch drain mount and 50 Micron / 50 Yards of fleece
Securely mount and position your drain at will. Easily detaches for service. Additional drain mounts can be added as needed. 
Need to go BIGGER?
 For very large systems additional expansion trays and arms (sold separately) are available to increase width and flow rate capacity of the Klir.
Expansion Trays
Each expansion tray add an additional 4 inches to the length of the Klir's effective filtraion area.
Expansion Brackets
Each expansion brackets add an additional 4 inches to the height of the Klir allowing for hangin in depper sumps or basins.
Q. How much flow can the Klir handle?
A. The flow capacity is related to the thickness of fleece you choose as well as how much tray you have exposed. As the tray is extended, it will be able to handle more flow.
Q. Does the used fleece smell?
A. Amazingly NO! Unlike filter socks, the fleece material does not hold on to water - and dries quickly upon exiting the trays. In addition, the fleece is rolled tightly locking in the used layers of fleece and any smell associated with them.
Q. How long does a roll of fleece last?
A. That is a loaded question!!!  Every system is different so feeding habits and stocking level among many things contribute to how long a roll of fleece lasts. During our inhouse testing, we are seeing 10-12 weeks between replacing rolls on a well-stocked 330 gallon reef.
Q. What size tank is it rated for?
A. The Klir Filter is not rated for any specific tank size due to its expandable design and multiple accessories. Instead, the rating is based on the amount of flowrate it can handle in relation to fleece thickness and exposed tray size. We will be releasing a relational flowrate table very soon.
Q. Are there other sizes available?
A. The Klir Filter comes in one size with a expandable design that can adapt to most systems. Additional accessories such as expansion trays and brackets give further customization options.

Customer Reviews

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No More Socks! Feb 21, 2019
Berfore the Klir arrived I was rotating 15 socks through my sump on an every other day pace. With the Klir installed my socks have been washed and put on the shelf for good. My sump is a DIY that had a sock hanger so I also ordered the bracket to make the install easier. Due to depth I had to make a stand to arrive at the correct height. Hooking up the drains was easy and and resulted in a quieter sump. The unit is being run on a 245 gal Discus display tank, after only 2 days an increase in water clarity was noticeable. The filter fleece roll looks like it will last a month, possibly more given the amount it has used in the last week of operation.
All in all I’m very happy with the Klir DI7.
So Many Design Flaws Jul 23, 2020
I have owned this unit for well over a year and I have nothing positive to say about it other than it is marginally better than the old-style filter socks. I despise filter socks and I only hate the unit, so I guess that’s a plus. It has so many design flaws that CoralVue should just post the specs online for people to make it with a 3D printer. If you can successfully exhaust a roll of fleece without it jamming, sticking, or ripping every few days, then you have completed a minor miracle. CoralVue must have tested these units in a bare tank with no livestock because it stops on just about everything. Pick a different brand as these are not worth the money. Shame on CoralVue for producing such a horrible product.
Goes thru the expensive fleece fast / motor binds pulling up the material Feb 3, 2020
I really had high hopes for the Klir 7 especially after the product video.

The Klir 7 unit was installed on a Waterbox 190 pro reef 12/2019.. Before I could go with only pulling/replacing socks every 3 days. The Klir 7 is proving to be more of a problem then it’s worth.

Continuing issues where the motor binds pulling up the fleece despite correct installation. Motor was originally a 3rpm then CoralVue sent me a new 11rpm motor. Still issues with fleece binding/dragging.. Bigger issue is the motor will just start spooling up good clean fleece even when the sensor is not sub-merged. The until was installed the beginning of December 2019 and has already used 4 rolls at $20+ each.