Kessil Wide Angle Tuna Blue LED 360W-E
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New 360-E, 15% more light output then previous 360 model

Beautiful shimmering effect gives your tank a natural, sunlit look rivaling MH. It's like connecting with your own piece of the ocean.
Tunable Spectrum
Independently adjustable color channels enables tuning a preferred color within the spectral range thousands of research and testing hours determined to be the optimal spectral points for coral growth and color.

Color Mixing
Dense Matrix LED technology blends different light wavelengths before they leave the light, providing uniform color throughout the tank. Single light source eliminates spotlight effect, spreading powerful light over a wide area.

No matter which spectral point is chosen with the tunable spectrum, proprietary blend of precision UV light encourages coral color.

Different lens options let you decide between maximum penetration or maximum coverage area. Engineered for long life, quiet operation, efficient cooling and maximum performance, all in a compact, low maintenance and attractive design.
On/off timing, intensity and spectrum are adjustable with a 0~10V external controller. Lights can also be daisy-chained without an external controller so adjustments to one light control all others.
Kessil Logic
Kessil Logic enables equal intensity across all spectral points. From Sky Blue to Deep Ocean Blue and everything in-between, Kessil Logic ensures consistent illumination throughout the light's adjustable range.


LED 90W DEX 5000 LED
Fixture Dimensions 3.8" x 4" (Length x Diameter)
Coverage Area A360N: 18" surface radius by 4' to 5' penetration (on average)
A360W: 24" surface radius by 3' penetration (on average)
Power Supply 100-240 VAC (Input), 48 VDC, 1.87A (Output)
Power Usage 90W

A360 series introduces Kessil Logic and external controllability

RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA (March 6, 2013)  Kessil Lighting, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality LED aquarium lights, proudly announces the release of the A360N and A360W models. Based on the award-winning A350/A350W platform, winner of the Reef Builders 2012 LED Showdown, the A360 series brings new features and innovations to the industry and raises the bar for the competition.

The A360 features Kessil's new proprietary Kessil Logicï, a unique form of spectral intelligence developed for precise color blending and optimal coral growth. In this new design, instead of varying the light intensity of two different channels to find the desired color and intensity mix, users can select the perfect spectrum and color with one knob and then adjust the intensity with the other. Kessil Logic� will not only dramatically improve the user experience, it will also boost the light output at both ends of the spectral tuning range by as much as 30%.

In addition to its enhanced manual controllability, the A360 comes with a pair of ports that allows the fixture to be governed by external devices. This new control interface operates within a 0-10Vdc 10VDC range, making it compatible with several popular aquarium external controllers. When daisy-chained in series without an external controller, the first A360 acts as the master unit propagating its settings to all other lights in the chain.

"We continually strive to bring great innovation to this industry," says David Lowry, Kessil Sales Manager. "Adding Kessil Logic to Dense Matrix LED makes the A360 a product that is truly one of a kind!"


When introducing new corals to a tank or new lights to an existing system, it is highly recommended to go through acclimation in order to reduce stress. For tunable Kessil lights, it is best to start at 50% intensity and increase the intensity 5-10% per week until the optimal level. Monitor how the corals are reacting while acclimating and either increase or decrease the level of light as necessary. Please note that not all tanks will need the lights to be on 100%. The optimal lighting is different for each tank. 

Additionally, the Kessil Spectral Controller can be used to automatically control acclimation. The controller is compatible with the A160 and A360 lines.
Once your lights are installed, they will need to be routinely cleaned and maintained in order to ensure optimal performance and a long life span. Every month, clean the lights out thoroughly with compressed air by blowing the lights out through the side vents. Use rubbing alcohol to gently wipe the glass lens. 
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