Kessil A350W Dimmable Special Blend LED Aquarium Light - Tun
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The A350W uses DiCon Lighting�s X350 Dense Matrix LED� platform, has an advanced vapor cooling thermal management system and a 90W maximum power rating. This uniquely designed spectrum is a combination of two slightly refined Kessil spectrums: Sky Blue and Deep Ocean Blue. These two spectrums can easily be adjusted by manually tuning two knobs. When both channels are at their maximum level, the spectral characteristic is close to Kessil�s signature Ocean Blue spectrum, but a touch brighter.

The A350W is a �wide� angle model, with a beam spread of 70 degrees vertically (140 degrees edge-to-edge). Besides being a general-purpose aquarium light, the A350W is a great fixture for large frag tanks because of its vivid light output, compact size, energy saving efficiency, wide-angle coverage, and cool output.

The advanced thermal design of Kessil LED lights prevents them from heating up your tank and also ensures they�ll shine brightly for years to come. Kessil light is densely packed and features a high-power LED array that creates the beautiful shimmery effect of metal halide lighting without the excessive heat and power consumption. Highlight the kaleidoscope of colors in your coral reef with Kessil LED reef lighting.

Superior Optics: Expertly designed optics effectively directs spectrum-specific light for deeper penetration into aquariums.
Dense Matrix LED: Generations ahead. Unparalleled high-power, 86.5W dense LED array emits intensely bright light.
Vapor Cooling: Advanced vapor cooling thermal management system keeps LED`s running efficiently.

Illuminator Power Consumption 86.5 Watt Maximum
Listed Power Supply Input 100-240 VAC 47-63 Hz Output 24 VDC, Maxiumum 1.87A
The A350W is NOT compatible with the A150 Gooseneck

To hang the LED for aquarium use from a wood, acoustic or similarly textured ceiling, mount a metal hook and hang the light by its ring. The metal hook should have diameters of at least 2.5mm and thread numbers of at least 6.
For sufficient airflow, the intake and venting holes should be at least 12 inches from surrounding obstructions.
Kessil recommends A350W lights to be placed 1 to 2 feet above the aquarium being illuminated.
Plug the light�s power supply into an outlet with the proper specifications.
Do not use the A350W lights outdoors. They are intended for indoor use only.
Keep the air vents and fan clear of dust. To clean the fan, insert the tip of a CO2 (or similar) dust blower into one of the vent slots and spray.
Keep the diffuser (lens) clean. If the diffuser becomes contaminated with water, dust or other particles, clean it with isopropyl alcohol. Wet a cotton swab or a napkin in isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe the surface of the diffuser and let it dry.

Kessil warrants, to the original buyer, all of its products to be free from defects in both workmanship and material for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Kessil will replace or repair to proper working condition any products that are returned under warranty. Products repaired or replaced under warranty are only warranted for the remaining unexpired period of time of the original warranty.

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