JNS Star Series Sulfur Biodenitrator - SSR-2
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STAR Series Sulfur Based Biodenitrator - SSR-2

The JNS SSR-2 STAR Sulfur Based Biodenitrator is a highly effective tool for reducing and minimizing nitrate levels in freshwater, marine, and reef aquariums. Based on the natural principle of nitrate reduction, it employs a sulfur media (sold separately) and autotrophic bacteria to create a denitrifying effect.

The sulfur-based media serves as a food source, supplying energy to autotrophic bacteria. Under low-oxygen conditions the bacteria oxidize the sulfur to sulfates, thereby reducing the nitrate level. The sulfur is consumed slowly to provide consistent nitrate reduction over time.

The SSR-2 is easy to assemble, install, and operate. It is powered by a reliable and energy-efficient Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 pump, and features durable acrylic construction with high quality SCH 80 PVC fittings. For added convenience, top-mounted thumbscrews enable easy lid removal for cleanings and media replacement. Footprint - 12" x 12" / Height - 20" / Chamber Dia. - 6"

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