JNS Fluidized Internal Biopellet Reactor - Omega-1
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Fluidized Internal Biopellet Reactor - Omega-1

The JNS Omega-1 is a fluidized internal (in-sump) biopellet reactor designed to control nitrate and phosphate levels in marine and reef aquariums. Biopellets are made from a biodegradable plastic, and they provide both a cultivation site and an energy source for bacterial growth. The fluidized churning of the biopellets in the reactor chamber accelerates the reproduction of these bacteria which consume nitrates and phosphates.

The Omega-1 is easy to assemble, install and operate, and features durable cell-cast acrylic construction. It includes an easily accessible port for biopellet top offs and a removable side panel for thorough cleanings. A reliable and energy-efficient Sicce Syncra Silent pump (model 0.5) keeps the biopellets in suspension to provide maximum reactor efficiency.

Please Note: protein skimming is crucial for removing excess bacteria that is sloughed off by the churning motion inside the biopellet reactor. It is highly recommended that the biopellet reactor be used in conjunction with a protein skimmer. Recommended for advanced aquarists. Biopellet media sold separately. Footprint - 9.75" x 3.5" / Height - 8" / Chamber Dia. - 5.75"

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