JBJ Nano Rimless 15G AIO
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The new JBJ Nano RL is an all-in-one aquarium designed with the hobbyist in mind. The integrated sump and included filtration media make it easy to start your own aquarium!
Our new streamlined design is engineered from solid glass and features stunning glass clarity. Available in 10, 15, and 20 gallon capacities.
Built-In Overflow
The integrated overflow skimmer catches large debris from flowing into the filtration system.
Flared Nozzle
The directional return nozzle allows for customizable water flow.
Ultra Clear Glass
Low-iron glass provides excellent clarity for an uncompromising view of your aquarium.
Streamlined Filtration System
Activated carbon and ceramic rings are used to further purify water before it is cycled back into the aquarium.
Our redesigned baffling system maintains a stable water level in the central column that allows a protein skimmer to be used.
Brilliant LED Canopy
Protect the delicate complexity of your aquarium from environmental factors while highlighting it’s beauty. The optional canopy lid has integrated LED lighting suitable for most aquarium setups.
The optional cabinet stand highlights your aquarium while concealing external equipment. The ventilated back panel allows for JBJ Arctica Chillers to operate comfortably.
Technical Specifications
Nano RL All-In-One Aquariums
Model: NRL-15
Dimensions: 16” × 14” × 16” in
Capacity: 15 Gallon
Glass Thickness: 5 mm
Optional Cabinet Stand
Dimensions: 16” × 14” × 36” in
Finish: Gloss Black, Gloss White
Comes with a 1 year limited warranty (details in box). For support, visit jbjaquariums.com/help
Recyclable packaging
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