JBJ Nano ATO - Advanced Kit
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The JBJ Nano ATO is the perfect upgrade for your aquarium.
Our most reliable auto-top-off system is reimagined with
dual optical level-sensors for ultimate precision. Enjoy the
compact versatility of a digital sensor without compromising
the security of overfilling your tank.
Installation is quicker than ever, and everything you need to
get started is included in the box.
The included protective cover prevents tank inhabitants
from covering the optical sensor. Additionally the protective
cover reduces sudden changes in light or water surface
disruption from affecting the sensor. This ensures accurate
water level measurements every time.
The complete waterp The complete waterproof design allows the sensor to be
mounted virturally anywhere. The magnetic mount can hold
securely up to 15 mm glass thickness.
Quick Installation
1. Install the ATO with a water level mid-level or lower
than the ATO.
2. Place pump in reservoir, place tube in tank using
included guide rail.
3. Plug-in the power supply first, then the water pump.
4. The system will automatically add water to the
high-level sensing point.
Pump Specs
Model: JT-160
Power: 4w at max flow
Flow Rate: 74GPH
Head: 7.2ft
Dimensions: 4.5x2.5x4 CM
Cable Length: 60"
What's in the Box
Nano ATO
JT-160 DC Pump
Mounting Kit
Power Supply


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