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JBJ Accela Pro DC Wifi Eco Pump 490GPH

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Accela Pro
Smart Submersible Power Head
Product Details and Features
The Accela Pro is a smart submersible pump that can be configured to your unique aquarium. It’s compact form factor makes it easy to fit into most all-in-one aquariums. The hybrid impeller design and ceramic drive shaft quietly and efficiently cycle water through your filtration system.
Our ReefConnect network allows you to run the Accela Pro on a schedule, receive system operation updates to your phone, and remotely monitor and adjust your aquarium instantly.
Keep your aquarium connected with the Accela Pro powered by ReefConnect.
Conveniently view and manage all your ReefConnect devices. Quick Control options allow you to adjust grouped Accela pumps at the same time.
Flow Control
Simulate natural ocean currents with our WaveMaker presets. Choose from several preprogrammed scenes to fit your aquarium. Enable Feeding Mode to temporarily pause water flow and prevent food from being cycled into the filtration system.
Cloud Connected
Monitor your aquarium setup while you are away. ReefConnect devices connect to your home network and can be accessed anywhere. Share your devices with friends and family who can monitor and adjust your ReefConnect devices.

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