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Icecap K1 Nano Skimmer

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IceCap K1-Nano Protein Skimmer

Footprint(without bracket): 2.75" x 3.2" | Reaction Chamber: 2" | Height: 13" Please note that you do not need the bracket if using with an AIO system, you will just have to attach the air silencer to the tank.

Footprint(with bracket): approximately 4.75 x 3in or 3.5 x 4in

Skimmer Pump: DCair 200

Bioload Handling
(Excluding sump)
Heavy ------- 10 gallons
Medium ----- 20 gallons
Light --------- 30 gallons

Impressive Performance - Remarkably Small Footprint

    Magnet Mount
    Distinctive Turbulence Reducing Body
    Solid PVC & Acrylic Construction
    Bubble Dispersant Chamber
    Pipeless Output Valve
    Efficient & Quiet Operation
    Disassembles Completely for Easy Cleaning & Maintenance
    In-Sump Installation Only

Modern Design and Functionality

The IceCap K1 Nano is a remarkably compact skimmer that offers a new level of refined filtration for marine aquariums ranging from 10 to 30 gallons. All aspects of the skimmer were implemented to surpass many challenges other skimmer on the market miss out on. Included magnet mount allows for easy placment on surfaced up to 1/2in thick.
Compact & Built to Last

Master crafted from robust PVC and high quality acrylic. All components are marine safe and refined in every aspect to provide the latest enhancements in foam fractionation and the highest in quality.

An impressively compact footprint makes it the ideal candidate for tight compartment applications. Every aspect of the skimmer disassembles completely for easy service.
Quiet Performance & Control

At the Core of the IceCap K1, you will find the DCair 200 skimmer pump built to provide efficient performance.

The pipeless output offers fine-tuning and trouble free underwater outflow plus quiet operation. Our pipeless design not only saves on space but also allows the outgoing water to exit on the side of the skimmer and below the water surface providing splash-free circulation in the sump.

K1-Nano Technical Specs

Skimmer Body: 2in
Footprint: 2.7in x 3.2in
Total Height: 13in
Magnet Mount: Up to 1/2in thick
Water Height: 6 - 9in
Pump Information

DCair 200 Pinwheel Pump
Power Consumption: 5watts
Air Draw: 100lph / 3.5scfh*
Water Draw: 26gph
*Air and water results will vary depending on aquarium setup

- One(1) year warranty on pump and Skimmer body

IceCap can not be responsible for consequential damages arising from installation or use of this product. IceCap warrants the pump to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and conditions for the warranty period from the date of purchase. CoralVue liability under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing at CoralVue’s discretion, without charge. CoralVue will not be liable for any cost of removal, installation, transportation, or any other charges which may arise in a warranty claim.

NOTE:This warranty is void if the product is damaged through abnormal operating conditions, accident, abuse, misuse, unauthorized alteration or repair. This warranty is valid only in North America and is non-transferable. Consumable spare parts are not applicable to the warranty.

*IceCap reserves the right to change/modify this product without notice.

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