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Icecap 30 Reef Sump - OPEN BOX SPECIAL

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IceCap 30 Reef Sump.
Footprint: 30in x 16in x 16in | Dual 1in drain | Dual 4in Filter Sock Holder
Freshwater Reservoir: 5.5gal | Skimmer Section: 13.7in x 15in
Solid Acrylic Construction
Bubble Diffusing Intake Chamber with Lid
Dual 4in Built-in Filter Sock Holders
Adjustable Water Depth
Triple Probe Holder
Easy to Access Compartments
5.5Gal Fresh Water Reservoir
Re-enforced Upper Rim
The IceCap 30 Reef Sump was developed and built around the requirements of a modern day reef aquarist. This sump will exceed any and all expectations with attention to detail, practical design and overall aesthetic appeal.
This modern day reef sump features a spill-over design in the micron bag compartment with compartment lids for quiet operation. The Reef Sump was constructed to adapt to your filtration needs with adjustable baffles with probe holders and plenty of room for the equipment such as skimmers, heaters, return pumps and reactors.
Skimmer Chamber: 13.7 x 15in
Return Chamber: 8 x 10.8in
Sock Size: 4in x 40cm
Freshwater Reservoir Size: 5.5gal / 21L
Probe Bracket: 3 - 15.5mm holes
Overall Footprint: 30 x 16 x 16in
Drain Bulkhead: 2 - 1in
Adjustable Water Depth
Water Height: 5 - 9in
*IceCap reserves the right to change/modify this product without notice.

Customer Reviews

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Nice sump especially for freshwater Nov 12, 2019
After attempting to make my own sump (while I really liked the features I incorporated it leaked between chambers, due to poor’s a hobby not a profession after all). I chose this sump to replace my homemade sump. As a whole a very nice sump, for a 100 gallon freshwater discus tank it fit the build nicely. The best thing I can say is more about the customer service I received from Premium Aquatics and Coralvue the sump had a build issue and they both stepped up to bat and took care of the problem. Due to the service and how the industry is run by mapp I plan on giving both companies my business in future. I would like to especially give a shout out to Luke from Premium Aquatics, thanks for being so professional.
Awesome with 1 complaint Sep 23, 2021
So I ordered this sump for my 75gal reef tank. I liked the fact that it has prob holders dosing tubes and a ato reservoir built in. Upon receiving the sump it was packaged very well and felt like it was built well. My only complaint is that the bubble trap going to the return is incredibly loud no matter how I adjusted waster flow it was loud. The only thing that made it stop was like 10 inches of water I run 8 1/2. So I went to petco and got some corse filter sponge stuffed it into the bubble trap and it's so quite I love it even more. I would 100% recommend to anyone interested