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Hydros Tunze WaveEngine Pump Adapter

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Hydros Tunze WE Pump Adapter

Direct Pump Driver - For many pumps the HYDROS WaveEngine connects directly to the pump head. This removes the clutter of the power brick and the control head for these pumps.


The HYDROS WaveEngine 0-10V Tunze Adapter is required to control Tunze pumps with the WaveEngine.
You will also need a HYDROS WaveEngine 0-10V Quad Cable for this application.
The way it works is as follows:
Connect the Quad Cable to the WaveEngine
Connect the Tunze Adapter to the Quad Cable
Connect the Tunze Adapter to your Tunze pump controller
You can control up to four 0-10V Tunze pumps with the WaveEngine. To do this, you would need the following:
1 x HYDROS WaveEngine 0-10V Quad Cable
4 x HYDROS WaveEngine 0-10V Tunze Adapter*
*You don't have to use four pumps. If you only had two pumps, you would only need 1 x Quad Cable and 2 x Tunze Adapters. We used four as our example since you can connect a maximum of four pumps with a Quad Cable.
The reason an additional adapter is needed to control Tunze pumps with a WaveEngine is because Tunze pump controllers have a 9-pin jack rather than the more common 3.5 mm stereo jack.
Combine your Tunze pumps with pumps from other brands using the HYDROS WaveEngine for a complete water circulation solution!

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