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HYDROS Control XS (Controller Only)

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Control XS is an artificially intelligent aquarium assistant that is focused on Sensors.
Don’t let the compact size of the HYDROS Control XS fool you. It is perfectly capable of performing all the main functions for your saltwater aquarium or freshwater tank. It can monitor temperature, sense leaks, control outlets, send alerts, and much more.
4 Sense Ports Available
It's Now Easier than Ever to Add Sensors to Your Network!
HYDROS devices are utilizing an entirely new way to measure parameters. A Sense Port is a universal input port that can gather data from numerous different types of sensors. Sense Ports makes it easy to add sensors to your HYDROS network.
No extra modules to purchase, complicated coding, debugging or frustrating workarounds – it takes only seconds to add a sensor to your network.
2 - Command Bus
The Command bus not only powers the Control, but it also communicates with other HYDROS devices for the ultimate failsafe.
Protected from the Elements
Splash Proof, Dust Proof, and Secure – Built to Last
HYDROS brought a new standard to the aquarium industry with a controller that is protected by the elements. Industrial grade materials help the controller’s enclosures stay rugged and secure, even when it comes in contact with moisture or saltwater!
System Smart Net
All HYDROS devices speak with each other and are built to keep your aquarium thriving!
The HYDROS system forms a web to monitor and control equipment like water level sensors, automatic top-off pumps, and other devices. Unlike other automation systems, the HYDROS Control can eliminate communication problems and maintain control of the aquarium even if a device is removed or shuts down.  
Alerts, Alarms, & Notifications
Accidents happen, but with HYDROS, it doesn’t have to be a disaster.
Leaving a cord unplugged or forgetting to turn a device back on can have devastating consequences on your aquarium. With the HYDROS App’s notification alerts, you can protect your investment and turn a possible disaster into nothing more than a simple inconvenience.

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