Hydor Professional 450 Canister Filter 320 gph **OPEN BOX RETURN**
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Please note:  This is an open box return.

Highly adsorbent activated carbon eliminates bad odors and polluting substances. Carbon can be substituted by Zeolite, which is used in some marine aquaria to keep nutrient concentrations low for the benegit of corals adapted to nutrient-depleted waters. (carbon not included)

Highly porous efficient sintered quartz Bio-Ring media is ideal for optimal biological filtration. (Included)

High density mechanical sponge that captures small debris. (Included)}

Highly porous mechanical sponge that captures large debris. (Included)

The Hydor Professional Aquarium External Filter is a complete eco-system in a box. All the biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration that any environment requires for a healthy and long-loved aquatic experience. From the Easy Priming feature to the telescopic intake tubes, everything had been made easy.

This truly international effort, shows in the commitment made by producing the finest canister type filter on the market. Italian electronics, power a Japanese design, refinded and improved by a Hydor of Italy, made available in the US by Hydor USA>

No noise, large filtration volume, no water bypass, and simple to operate. For marine aquariums, freshwater aquariums, and aquaterrariums.

Professional Model # of Trays GPH Tank Rating
150 2 190 20-40G
250 3 225 40-75G
350 4 280 60-100G
450 4 320 75-125G
600 5 345 90-150G


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