HexArc 24 Watt T5 Lamp Ocean Blue
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These German made T5 lamps offer the same quality and affordability you've come to expect from Hexarc Blue lamps. These Hexarc lamps are made in the same factory as Giesemann Megachromes T5 lamps. So you can get same quality for less price.

Pure Actinic - The Hexarc Blue True Actinic lamp offers the actualy actinic spectrum - not a "near" actinic spectral output that occurs on lesser quality lamps. If you're looking for true actinic supplementation, try the Hexarc Blue True Actinic T5 lamps.
Blue Plus - The bluest lamp in the Hexarc Family. Our new 460 blue has that strong 460nm peak that really allows your SPS to stand out from the crowd. Our 460 blue also includes part of the actinic peak as well providing the best of both worlds in your tank.
Oceanic Blue White -So maybe blue just isn't your thing. You're a tried and true 10k reefer who thinks all these 20k guys have lost their marbles. Then the Hexarc Blue Oceanic Blue lamp is the lamp for you. It's our only "daylight" lamp in our family. The Oceanic Blue is somewhere between a 10K and a 14K with a full daylight spectrum that still contains enough blue to keep your corals looking good.

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