Giesemann Infiniti HQI-DE/T5 2 x 250w / 4 x 54 watt (1200mm) 48" - Titanium Silver Metallic
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High end HQI/T-5 fixture with electronic ballasts, aluminium/ magnesium alloy, high polish reflector for T-5 and HQI, DYMAX adjustable reflector, special heat sink structure ensuring no fan is required, individual 3 group light control, UV protection shield, high glossy powder coated. 
Pricing does not include metal halide ballast, metal halide lamps and T5 tubes. All fixtures can be ordered with ballast and lamps at additional cost.
Each fixture comes with the GIESEMANN hanging suspension kit with individual height adjustment
The shape of the lamp body offers the optimal positioning and light distribution for 
both the T-5 lamps and the HQI bulbs. 
With wide, deep positioned reflectors, the INFINITI has excellent antiglare properties, making it an ideal light to be viewed from any position. 
The maximum light performance is achieved by the use of the latest reflector technology. The combination of a high gloss finished reflector of 99.8% purest aluminum with CAD-designed light distribution gives the ultimate in reflectance and is revolutionary in the illumination of aquariums.
One of the most fascinating features of the INFINITI beside the extraordinary light efficiency is DYMAX - a dynamic light adjustment with which allows you to move the HQI lamp and reflector to precisely focus the light on a specific area within the aquarium. 
With just one movement you can slide the reflectors along the body to achieve the correct balance of light for a particular situation or simply to avoid strengthening bars across the surface of the tank.
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