GHL Profilux Stand Alone Dosing System 2, 2 Pumps - Black
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Simplify your dosing - The GHL Doser 2 affords simple and accurate dosing of liquids such as micro elements, fertilizer and balling salts
The GHL Doser 2 is available in a 2 to 4 pump configuration and in two colors: black and white. You will have the expansion capabilities to control up to 16 pumps. By the use of a modular system, the slave unit can be connected with a ProfiLux controller or with a GHL Doser 2 standalone.
The compact and modern dosing pump GHL Doser 2 offers plenty of new features and affords simple and precise dosing. The connection via Wi-Fi or USB allows the operation via your smartphone, tablet and PC
Easy and simple handling via app or PC software. Adjust up to 150 doses per day, choose manual or automatic dosing and calibrate your pumps conveniently with your smartphone or PC. Free software can be downloaded. 
220 x 150 x 70 mm (without pumps)
2 to 4 pumps
Standalone with integrated controller and slave unit compatible with ProfiLux or standalone
System can be expanded up to 16 
  • Huge connectivity options
  • Ports for connecting a magnetic stirrer, an external GHL Control Pad (4.3", touch screen), temperature and level probes. 
  • Integrated auto top-off
  • Refill and water change of small amounts of water.
  • Extreme accurate dosing
  • The 24V stepper motors allow precise dosing of smallest flow rates. 
  • LED status display
  • The LED-backlit GHL Logo functions as a status display. Different colors quickly indicate the status of your aquarium. 
  • Simple connection
  • The connection is possible via Wi-Fi or USB.
  • Display of liquid level
  • Keep track and control of your liquid level. The alarm indicates refill malfunction.
  • Easy handling
  • Set up your dosing pump via software and start manual operation via buttons on the unit. 
  • Automatic calibration possible.
  • Outstanding quality
  • Use of chemical resistant tubes (Novoprene©) and stainless steel motor shafts.
  • Suitable for Iodine.
  • Modular system
  • The GHL Doser 2 slave unit can be connected with a ProfiLux controller and a GHL Doser 2 standalone.
  • Pumps and motors can be replaced separately. 
The software for your PC or smartphone allows you to adjust your dosing at a definite time and at weekdays or day intervals. Choose manual or automatic dosing, adjust up to 150 doses per day and calibrate your pumps conveniently with the software.
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