Geo 6x18 Ozone Reactor
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Use in conjunction with your Ozone unit to provide superior gas reaction. Activated carbon must be used to treat reactor effluent before it is returned to the display. We strongly suggest using our UMC410OZ as the carbon chamber. User supplies Ozone generator, air drier, air pump, feed pump and tube.
All cell cast acrylic construction
Key hole slot for lid removal
Ozone safe silicone o-ring and PVDF fittings
Full access to the reaction chamber
Pinch valve pressure bleed
PVDF check valve
Stainless Steel-Case Liquid-Filled Gauge 0-15 PSI Range (Optimal operating pressure 3 PSI)
Drip tray to distribute water over the media
Includes 10′ of Norprene tube for ozone connections
Bio-balls included
8×10 foot print, 6″ diameter chamber,  21″ overall height
Rated for up to 500 gallons
Muffler to diffuse ozone exhaust; user to add carbon.
Union ball valve at base provide flow control through the reactor to create slight pressure (Optimal operating pressure 3 PSI)
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