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FritzPRO RPM Salt Mix - 200 Gallon Box - Single bag inside

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Please note: This sku is for a box with 1 bag containing all the salt.  
  • Complete Professional Marine Salt Mix for Reef or Fish Only Systems
  • Contains All Essential Major, Minor & Trace Elements
  • Enhanced Buffer Levels; Reaches a Stable pH Shortly After Mixing
  • Enhanced Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium Levels
  • Nitrate, Phosphate & Ammonia Free
Fritz ProAquatics Reef Pro Mix (RPM) is manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials. Formulated by researchers and marine scientists, RPM contains all of the necessary major and minor elements of natural sea water that are utilized by living marine and reef animals. Correct pH and buffering capacity, essential minerals and trace elements have been added in precise ratios to ensure a correctly blended mix for the health and longevity of your livestock.
Salinity: 35 ppt (1.0264 sg)
Calcium: 400-450 ppm
Magnesium: 1300-1400 ppm
Alkalinity: 8.0-9.0 dKH
Strontium: 9 ppm
Potassium: 400 ppm
RPM is manufactured in our own facility in small batches to ensure complete quality control, rather than outsourced to generic chemical blenders with uncertain quality. Our salt blending equipment is devoted solely to the production of aquatic products, preventing contamination issues. Fritz’s unique production process promotes a uniform particle size minimizing stratification of the salts. Each batch is assigned a lot number and tested by in-house quality control to ensure its chemical quality and purity before it is shipped.
RPM is used by public aquariums, zoos, research institutions, destination retail locations, adventure parks and hobbyists worldwide.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome salt. (Premium Aquatics is # ☝️:). Oct 11, 2019
1st & for most I want to say this company Premium Aquatics, is the greatest. Why do I say this? I received both my 📦 of Fritz RPM salt inside another 📦. I was truly blown away. And not just any 📦 ☝️Of Exceptional quality. They deserve for everyone who reads this review to know this. Anyway back to the review. This salt is awesome 2nd water change ☝️at work, they other at home. The tank inhabitants at work looked truly happy. At home corals, fish, shrimps, snails, hermit carbs etc, looked like they were smiling. Fritz salt is my new & only salt I will buy from now on. You can even call with any questions or concerns, & rest a sure you will speak to someone. Great customer service.
parameters right on Jul 16, 2017
Easy mixing, ph right on no adjustments needed
great salt mix Mar 5, 2017
Used up my first box and just got my second. I raised my magnesium up to 1400 and this salt has held it steady. Calcium solid at 450 and alk at 11 steady. Mixes clean and clear. Stays stable when stored. Doesn't have any binders like other salt mixes so no gunk left in containers. Previous mix left bentonite clay build up and had to clean out barrel after every 50 gallon mixx. Only draw back is its a single bag for 200 gallon mix. Can't wait for the 50 gallon mix bags to come in. A great salt and highly recommend.
Easy Mixing, Great Parameters, Great Value Oct 4, 2016
An exceptional salt at a great value. I have been using this salt now for 6 months and am very pleased. It mixes easily without any clumping and it's parameters are spot on. My system was running on Hot Salt which at $90 for 200 gallons, I was very pleased to see RPM do so well!
Excellent salt mix. ( Premium Aquatics # 1). Oct 11, 2019
Excellent salt mix. Did 2 water changes today upon receiving it. At work fish loved the new mix. At home the tank inhabitants & corals loved it. The fish seem to be smiling as they swim by. Lol. Premium Aquatics is an excellent company to deal with. You see it in there fast shipping & packing. That goes to tell a lot about them. You guys are the best.