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Fritz MetroCleanse 10 Count

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Fritz MetroCleanse is a safe and effective antibiotic and anti-parasitic treatment for several common protozoan and bacterial infections such as freshwater and saltwater Ich, Hexamita, and Oodinium, and is also effective against internal parasitic and bacterial infections. It can be used safely in a medicated food mix for use in systems containing invertebrates. Fritz MetroCleanse will not affect beneficial bacteria, and is non toxic even if overdosed.
Directions & Dosage
Broadcast Instructions: Remove all invertebrates prior to dosing if using broadcast method. Use 1 packet of MetroCleanse per 20 gallons (76 L) every 48 hours until symptoms disappear, up to ten treatments. 
Feeding Instructions: Use 1 packet MetroCleanse mixed per tablespoon of normal food (adding some water if food is dry). Feed medicated food mix daily until symptoms disappear or up to three weeks. Refrigerate or freeze leftover mix between dosing/feeding. No adjustment of filtration needed.
When no further symptoms are observed, replace chemical filtration and resume use of protein skimmers as well as normal feeding. Adjust temperature back to normal.
For best results, use MetroCleanse in a quarantine tank
Remove activated carbon and ion-exchange resins during treatment. Discontinue use of skimmer and UV sterlizer during treatment
Do not perform water changes during treatment if possible
Can be used full strength with scaleless fish
If fish are eating, feed lightly during treatment
No contraindications: can be used with all of our other products and meds
Safe for invertebrates when using medicated food method including: corals, snails, shrimp, clams, other crustaceans and molluscs 
Overdosed? remove medication with MaxOut Pro, or similar carbon-based media
MetroCleanse can easily be removed from system by adding carbon. MetroCleanse is effective against internal and external infections regardless of dosing method.
Active Ingredient: Metronidazole
Size Treats Item Number
10 pk 200 gal 90007
20 pk 400 gal 90008

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