Sure Flow 1600 Kit
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Sure Flow 1600
Maxi-Jet Upgrade Kit (Manufactured by Algae Free)


Kit Includes:
1 - Shroud with built in anti-vortex shield
1 - New stronger full rotation bracket
1 - Medium flow propeller (black) 1600 GPH
1 - High flow propeller (Dumas 3004 white for MJ 1200 only) 2000+GPH
1 - Adapter bracket to attach original MJ brackets to full rotation bracket
1 - Titanium shaft with propeller magnet and end caps

Benefits of the Sure Flow 1600:

  • Works with Maxi-Jet 400, 600, 900 & 1200
  • Excellent water movement for reef tanks



  • Works with Sure Grip Magnet Holders



  • Works with original Maxij-Jet Brackets



  • Fish love the extra water movement



  • Fully adjustable flow direction



  • Nice, wide gentle water flow



  • No more dead spots



  • Very cost effective

    Approximate gallons per hour
    Maxi-Jet 400 - 1300 GPH
    Maxi-Jet 600 - 1400 GPH
    Maxi-Jet 900 - 1600 GPH
    Maxi-Jet 1200 - 2100 GPH (large propeller)



    Above picture shows what the completed upgrade would look like on a maxijet and a SureGrip magnet. See below for links to the pumps and magnets you can use with it.

    Below is a picture of 2 pumps running off just one SureGrip magnet.

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