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Sure Flow 1600 Kit

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Sure Flow 1600
Maxi-Jet Upgrade Kit (Manufactured by Algae Free)


Kit Includes:
1 - Shroud with built in anti-vortex shield
1 - New stronger full rotation bracket
1 - Medium flow propeller (black) 1600 GPH
1 - High flow propeller (Dumas 3004 white for MJ 1200 only) 2000+GPH
1 - Adapter bracket to attach original MJ brackets to full rotation bracket
1 - Titanium shaft with propeller magnet and end caps

Benefits of the Sure Flow 1600:

  • Works with Maxi-Jet 400, 600, 900 & 1200
  • Excellent water movement for reef tanks



  • Works with Sure Grip Magnet Holders



  • Works with original Maxij-Jet Brackets



  • Fish love the extra water movement



  • Fully adjustable flow direction



  • Nice, wide gentle water flow



  • No more dead spots



  • Very cost effective

    Approximate gallons per hour
    Maxi-Jet 400 - 1300 GPH
    Maxi-Jet 600 - 1400 GPH
    Maxi-Jet 900 - 1600 GPH
    Maxi-Jet 1200 - 2100 GPH (large propeller)


    Above picture shows what the completed upgrade would look like on a maxijet and a SureGrip magnet. See below for links to the pumps and magnets you can use with it.

    Below is a picture of 2 pumps running off just one SureGrip magnet.

Customer Reviews

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May 26, 2008
Good lord. I tried the larger propeller first on my Maxi 1200, and there was a literally an underwater tornado in my 50g tank. The water flow was excellent, but the fish didn't seem happy all plastered to the far end of the tank, and sand was flying everywhere. So, I put the smaller propeller back in, and positioned the powerhead high up and it's doing great. It's kinda noisy, but I'm hoping it will get quieter as it breaks in.