Flexi Plug Intelligent AC Bluetooth Power Switch/Timer
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Simply control your aquarium devices through your smartphone
Want to temporarily turn on your aquarium lighting to catch a glimpse of your aquarium besides the on/off timer?
Or want to stop all the pumps for a short time while doing water changes and feeding?
This is an aquarium remote control which can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth technology.  It is an intelligent life-support system that can restore your aquarium lighting, pump, and filter at any time.  It will make your equipment more efficient, and reduce the risk of keeping your favorite aquarium animals for you.
Intelligent device and extremely simple to use
Connected via 4.0 bluetooth wireless technology.  It offers low power consumption.  East to setup and use, hassle-free and gets you connected in seconds.  Flexi plug is compatible with iOS and Android systems.  Allowing you to immediately use the suitable selected device to control your aquarium equipment.
Control Lighting
Flexi Plug can easily control your lighting system, and is extremely simple to set up a daily program to turn the lights on and off.  Also, able to momentarily turn lights on for 10,30, or 60 minutes.  It makes it easier for you to check out your aquarium for any reason.  Fleci Plug will keep daily programming, even if you just have to turn of and off the lighting momentarily.
Pump and Filtration
Flexi Plug is also designed to operate your pumps or filtration.  It can temporarily stop for feeding and water changes.  You can stop for 5, 15, or 30 minutes for feeding.  Or 30, 60, and 120 minutes for regular maintenance and water changes.  Once the time has expired, the pump and filtration will resume to your preset timer.
The most accurate timing system
Flexi plug is compatible with smartphones or tablets for time synchronism, east to program, 5 different on/off programs per day, minimum setting is 1 minute.  Always ensures every setting with the most accuracy.
To achieve a high quality, we use a higher class burning resistance to make the outer casing.  It also equips surge-protection and moisture-proof design.  Every single part of the Flexi plug is certified by the RoHS and FCC to guarantee your safety and environmental protection.
System Requirements:
Input voltage: 100-240v, 50/60Hz
Max. 1500w
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
iOS 7.0 or higher
Android 4.3 or higher
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