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Two Little Fishes NPX Adaptor for Reactor 150

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Two Little Fish
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Two Little Fishes NPX Adaptor for Reactor 150
Capacity Use with up to a maximum of 400 ml NPX Bioplastics.
Aquarium size Up to 100 gal (378 L) when used with NPX Bioplastics.
Recommended pump capacity 350 - 550 gph. For example Sicce Syncra 1.5 or Sicce Syncra 2.0
Important Notes: Do not place a ball valve on the exit pipe of the PhosBan Reactor 150. Restricting flow on the exit pipe pressurizes the reactor and can
cause leaks. NPX Bioplastics or other biodegradeable media should freely tumble in the reactor column. The sponges (part D) must be removed. It is not
necessary to use an NPX screen (sold separately) when using the NPX adaptor.

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TLF NPX Adaptor for Reactor 150 Instructions

NPX adaptor for 150 reactor instructions.pdf