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Finnex HMA-S 300W Heater

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The Finnex compact electronic titanium heater maintain water temperature within +/-2F of the set value providing a safe, healthy, and stable temperature for your tank.  The titanium tubes are corrosion resistant, which makes these virtually unbreakable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.  These ultra fast heating tubes are easy to hide as they are compact in size and also include a precise electronic control with hang on hook.  There is also a LED heating indicator to let users know when the heater is functioning.  The titanium heating element is engulfed in a protective guard to ensure the safety of both the aquatic inhabitants and surrounding equipment.  Suction cups included.

Customer Reviews

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Great Heater.. All the right features! Nov 18, 2021
I highly recommend this heater. Starting with the plastic covering and suction cups, you can place this heater where you want it and not have to worry about other equipment bumping into it. The full body covering is a great feature. I also appreciate that each heater has its own thermostat, so you can set the temperature and observe when it's functioning by the illuminated LED. I use two of these on my 100 gallon system, so I'm not always pushing each heater to the max; they work well in tandem. I set one thermostat a little below the other, that way the switches on both aren't constantly going on & off. I combined these with an Inkbird controller from Amazon, and I can rest easy that a stuck switch will not cook my pets. Make this heater a part of your gear. You won't be sorry!