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Fauna Marin Soft Protein Super Food L 100 ml

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Fauna Marin
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Proteolytic Complete Food for Marine Fish
Fauna Marin Soft Protein Super Food comes in a granular pellet form and contains proteolytic properties. Rich in protein and proteolytic enzymes, this food provides marine fish with key nutrients for healthy growth and a strengthened immune system.
While the fish digest the food, the aquarium is then supplied with various organic nitrogen compounds that promote coral growth.
Available Granular Pellet Sizes:
Medium 1.0mm
Large 1.8mm
Feeding Recommendation
Feed small portions several times per day. Close container tightly after using to retain freshness.
Whole fish and fish by-products, molluscs and crustaceans, algae, fats, and oils, yeast
Additives per KG:
Vitamin D3 (E671) 600 i.e. TRACE ELEMENTS: Iron sulfate monohydrate (E1) 50mg, calcium iodate, anhydrous (E2) 2.2 mg, copper sulfate pentahydrate (E4) 6 mg, manganese sulfate monohydrate (E5) 17mg, zinc sulfate monohydrate (E6)120 mg, antioxidants 57 mg
Crude Ingredients:
Protein 72%
Fat 13%
Fiber 4%
Ssh 5%

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