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Fauna Marin AEFW X 500 ml

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Fauna Marin
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Fauna Marin AEFW X is a pest control solution that works against the dreaded Acropora flatworms (AEFW and NAEFW) that can easily take down colonies of SPS. The product blocks the development of larval which stops the reproduction and metamorphosis of the flatworms.
AEFW X is Effective Against
Prosthiostomum Acroporae (Acropora eating flatworm)
New AEFW flatworm (NAEFW)
AEFW X is used inside the reef tank and is reef safe. Other tank inhabitants will not be affected.
We recommend a treatment period of at least 4 - 6 weeks to ensure that all existing flatworms have perished. If necessary, this treatment can be continued indefinitely.
Please read the instructions located on the AEFW X bottle before using it and follow the application instructions and tips!
Usually, infested tanks are free of flatworms after 4 - 6 weeks. At this time acroporids will have improved visually, with better mucus secretion and an enhanced immune system. The receptiveness for new infections is thus significantly reduced.
Recommended Dosing:
Acute infection:   4 ml /100 litres ( 26 USgal ) /daily 4 - 6 weeks
Prevention:         2 ml /100 litres ( 26 USgal ) /daily
Always dose, once a day, directly into the aquarium. Switch off the UV system, Ozone use, and remove any activated carbon or other chemical adsorbers.
Capsaicin extract < 2%

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