ITS eXact iDip Magnesium (THU) Total Hardness Test Strips - 24 Count
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Please note: Calcium is required to calculate Magnesium.

To obtain results for Magnesium Hardness (Mg):
Results screen for MagnesiumComplete tests for Calcium (as CaCO3) and Total Hardness High (THU) (if dilution is required enter results through manual entry) in any order.
Press Results, values for Mg will be calculated automatically and displayed on the Results page of the app.
For use with ITS eXact iDip 570 Smart Photometer (sold separately).


Test Range In App Purchase # of Tests
Alkalinity 12-130pm Included 25 or 100
Ammonia 0.06-12ppm $4.99 25
Calcium 19-550ppm $4.99 25 or 50
Copper 0.04-7ppm $4.99 25
(Calcium req'd)
60-600ppm $4.99 25
Nitrate 3-100ppm $4.99 25
Nitrite 0.07-16ppm $4.99 25
pH 5.2-9.4pH Included 25
Phosphate 0.02-4ppm $4.99 25


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