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Eshopps High Flow Nano Filter Media Cup

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It takes thoughtful planning, attention to detail, and patience to create an environment where fish and other aquatic life flourish.  Upgrading the filter media in your pico or nano size aquarium can make a significant difference.  That inspired us to create the BIIOCUP Nano, an excellent alternative to traditional filter socks.  It is ideal for use with activated carbon and filter floss to achieve a cleaner and healthier tank without compromising water flow.  It is the perfect addition to your Eshopps deskmate collection, mariner AIO.  Switching to the Biocup nano will help create the ideal enciroment for your aquatic pets.
Works great for your biological and mechanical filtration media
High flow design will not restrict water flow
Perfect for you Eshopps Deskmate collection, Mariner AIO, and most AIO aquariums
Diameter: 2.36"
Height: 6"
Max Flow Rate: 120gph

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