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Eshopps Fusion Flow 75 - 4th Gen

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ESHOPPS New 4th generation FUSION FLOW biological filter has combined traditional wet & dry filtration with the efficiency of ESHOPPS Bio-Lux ceramic bio media to create the best biological filter sump for both fresh & saltwater.
FUSION FLOW comes equipped with a slide out drip tray drawer that makes changing out your filter pad along with an easy access removable lid allowing the hobbyist to easily service the Bio-Lux chamber. FUSION FLOW was designed with ESHOPPS high flow overflow chamber and large return pump compartment with large foam sponge bubble trap which provides ample space for adding accessories and accommodating today’s larger return pumps. ESHOPPS FUSION FLOW
allows hobbyist to incorporate efficient natural biological filtration, versatility and service accessibility in one. Available in 4 sizes.
ESHOPPS Bio-Lux ceramic Bio Media
Slide out Drip Tray Drawer
High volume overflow chamber
Removable bubble trap sponge
Spacious return pump compartment
Quiet operation
SPECIFICATIONS:        FF-75            FF-100           FF-200          FF-300
Dimensions                 20x10x16       24x12x16       30x12x16      36x14x16
Return Compartment       8x10             12x12             15x12           20x12
Total Water Volume           14g                20g                  25g              35g
Max Sump Flow Rate      475gph         675gph            875gph       1075gph
Bio-Lux Pcs.                      16                   20                 24                    28
Tank Ratings
1. FF-75   --75g (US)
2. FF-100 --100g (US)
3. FF-200 --200g (US)
4. FF-300 --300g (US)

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