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Eshopps C-120 Skimmer

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The successor to the 3rd Generation of the ESHOPPS PSK-Series, the C-Class introductory level of Skimmers continues to redefine simplicity and easy set-up. All integrated within a completely redesigned skimmer body equipped with an internal needle wheel pump that allows for a smaller footprint and extreme reliability. The new C-Class Skimmers are equipped with new features such as, an adjustable water level easy turn knob, a venturi, air silencer, thumb screw secured twist off pump base, large collection cup, and bubble plate. Guaranteed to grab the attention of budget conscious hobbyists.
Easy tuning for precise skimming
Thumb screw secured pump base
SICCE Needle wheel pump
Quiet Performance
Diameter - 4.75″
Height - 18″
Footprint - 7″ x 6″
Water Level - 6.5″ – 8.5″
Tank Rating - 40-120g
Pump - SE-200
Watts - 10
Bioload Capacity
40 – Heavy,
90 – Medium,
120 – Light

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