Elos Ammonia/Ammonium Kit (NH 3/4)
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:: Ammonia/Ammonium test for aquarium (NH3/4)

Ammonia (NH3) is toxic to corals, invertebrate and fishes. At high pH level (as in a marine aquarium) and at increased temperatures, NH3 can kill the aquarium inhabitants. In freshwater aquaria its optimal level should be below 0,1 mg/lt. In marine aquarium its level should never exceed 0,05 mg/l. (It should not be detectable by the test).

Elos AquaTest NH3 Test offers high accuracy thanks to several procedures including: NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) certified samples to validate reagents and strict stock management to supply to our customers ONLY the freshest production batch available. It allows the determination of the Ammonium (NH4+) and then, thanks to the convertion table, of the Ammonia (NH3), depending on the temperature and the pH value.

Precise, thanks to the calibrated droplet
Simple to use
Equipped with precision colour chart, measuring vial and syringe
Practical thanks to the easy-opening pack
Fresh-water Aquarium
Marine Aquarium

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