Eheim Compact Pump 2000
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High controllable output from a compact unit!

Suitable in or out of water (supplied adapters for outside of water)Adjustable flow rate Includes mounting bracketSuitable for fresh water or salt water set upsExtremely quiet 3 year warranty - Engineered in GermanyFeaturesAdjustable flow rate on slidable output regulatorEasily attached by the included mounting bracketPriming screen protects pump and aquarium inhabitants from damageFor use in or out of the waterModel # # 2000 3000 5000 Aq. size up to US gal 265-528 396-792 660-1320 Pump output approx US gal/h 265-528 396-792 660-1320 Del. head approx Hmax ft 7'5" 9'8" 9'8" Power consumption W 35 66 78 Dimensions HxWxD in 5.4x3.2x5 5.4x3.2x5.0 5.4x3.2x5.0
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