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Ecotech Vortech MP60wES to MP60wQD Upgrade

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Ecotech Vortech MP60wES to MP60wQD Upgrade

QD Driver housing
QD Driver

Customer Reviews

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Amazing upgrade Jun 17, 2015
My 300 gallon tank is in my home theater room and by far the loudest equipment in my tank was the 2 MP60's. The constant whirring sound was a source of annoyance while watching movies and listening to music.

The upgrade was very simple, and I honestly thought the pumps weren't working when I plugged them in. Then I noticed the props were spinning and was amazed at the silence.

The MP60's are now the quietest piece of equipment in my setup.

I would give this 10 stars if I could...worth...every...penny.

Awesome... Jun 4, 2015
I purchased the upgrades to Quiet Drive for my mp40 and 60. And I kid you not... SILENCE!