EcoSystem Aquarium Eco Buffer dKH 3 - 300g pouches
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We at Ecosystem stand behind what we do and after 15 years we are confident that you will have success if you use our products correctly. At EcoSystem Aquarium we make products under the simple rule that every product must do what it is says it will do on the label. We try and create only the products you need not see how many different bottles we can sell you of the same thing.

Our newest supplements are formulated in Germany and the concentrate is mixed there using only pharmaceutical and analytical grades ingredients where possible. We then mix the inactive ingredients here mainly R/O - Deionized water to make the individual bottles.

Description: Increases buffering capacity in all reef systems.

Type: Marine Supplement
Main Points:
• Adjusts the pH in marine systems to 8.0-8.4
• Raises alkalinity to 7-8 dKH
• Phosphate and Nitrate Free


ECO BUFFER dKH is a specially formulated pH and carbonate alkalinity buffer designed to adjust the pH of the saltwater aquarium to a range of 8.0-8.4, and raise carbonate alkalinity to 7-8 dKH. Maintaining carbonate alkalinity at 7-8 dKH will prevent the pH from dropping to below 8.0.

Directions for use:

Before using ECO BUFFER dKH, test the carbonate alkalinity (dKH) using a reliable test kit. If the carbonate alkalinity is below 7 dKH, do the following: In a separate container, mix one packet (300 grams) of ECO BUFFER dKH powder in 1 U.S. gallon (3.8 liter) of deionized/reverse osmosis freshwater to form a stock solution. Add the stock solution to the aquarium system at a dosage of 1 ounce (30 ml) per 30 U.S. gallons (50 ml/200 liters) per day until a carbonate alkalinity of 7 dKH is reached. To maintain this level, repeat the recommended dosage weekly.

Considerations for use:
Maintaining a calcium concentration of 420-430 ppm, a magnesium level of 1300-1400 ppm and carbonate alkalinity at 7 dKH will ensure the optimal growth of stony corals, Tridacna sp. giant clams and calcareous algae.

For aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

Carbonate, bicarbonate, sodium, magnesium, potassium, borate.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Carbonate (min) 84,000 mg/LL


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