DVH Media Cup for 4" Filter Sock Holder
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NOTE: Picture taken with black background so we can show detail, the cup is clear acrylic.

DVH Aquatics Media Cups. The DVH Aquatics Media Cups can replace the 10cm / 4 inch filtersocks and can be used as a pre-filter / powerfilter by placing filterfloss or media pads inside. Or you can insert your favorite filtermedia like GFO or Activated Carbon placed in a mediabag and place it inside the DVH Aquatics Media Cup. Note: chemical filtermedia should be placed inside a mediabag to prevent media from exiting the Media Cup. Our Media Cups are designed to fit sumps that use standard 10cm / 4 inch filtersocks.

The DVH Aquatics Media Cups are made from 100% clear PMMA (Acrylic) and contain no weakners / softners which will become brittle over time as used in PVC or Polypropylene. Our Media Cups fit most filtersock mounts and yes, they also fit in the RedSea Reefers. 

Tube diameter: 85mm
Hanging ring: 97,50 x 93,62mm
Total height: ~193mm

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