DT's Tisbe Copepods - 15oz
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DT's Tisbe Pods
Tisbe biminiensis is a small tropical copepod naturally found in warm, shallow waters.  This particular species was originally isolated from a sandy beach in brazil in 1998.  DT's Tisbe pods feed on detritus and microalgae on the substrate and occasionally swim in the water column with a "jerky" swimming motion that attracts attention from finicky fishes.  Female copepods release small young (nauplii) that provide a good food source for filter-feeding animals and fish larvar.  Tibe pods reproduce quickly and can tolerate wide ranges in temperature, oxygen, and salinity, making them robust in culture and able to withstand refrideration for storage.

DT's Advantage:  
DT's Tisbe pods are maintained in a clean, single-species cultures.  They are fed a high-quality and varied diet of DT's Phytoplankton and SA Hatchery Diet, ensure that you are getting the best copepods available!

DT's Tisbe Pods can be adding into a refugium, where a population can establish and reproduct to provide the aquarium with a continuous supply of nutritious copepods.  Tisbe pods can also be used as part of the "clean-up crew" in the aquarium, where they will feed on detritus, uneaten food, and fish waste.

DT's Tisbe pods can be used directly to feed fishes, especially picky benthic hunters such as seahorses, pipefish, gobies, and mandarin dragonets.  Their robust nature, small nauplii, and fast growth means that they are also good candidates for culture and use in fish breeding as they are at the Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery.

Culture and Storage:
DT's Tisbe pods can be cultured in a simple bucket or aquarium with an airstone and clean saltater.  Feed with small amounts of DT's and SA Hatchery Diet several tiems weekly and change water weekly.  Copepods can be stored in the refrigerator to slow their metabolism and extend their shelf-life.

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