Dr. G's Coral Dip (Kills Acropora Eating Bugs, Red Bugs, Flat Worms and most Coral Parasites)
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Dr.G's SPS & LPS Coral Dip Solution is a revolutionary proprietary formula to treat corals and live rock, suffering with parasites. Very effective to eliminate and control parasites, but very gentle on Coral tissues and structures.
  • Minimize Infestations by Parasites
  • No need for a Quarantine Tank
  • Effective on Acropora Red Bugs, Planaria, Acropora eating Flatworms, Zoanthid & Montipora eating Nudibranchs, Bristleworms, and Coral eating Parasites.
Extremely effective as a prophylactic dip, before a new coral & live rock is introduced into a system. 
Dr.G's Coral dip does not use Iodine, which causes stains on Corals, or Pine Oil and Oxidizers, which are toxic to Coral tissues. 
Warning: Dr.G's Coral Dip should not be used on any Display Tanks, Display Aquarium, Sumps, Refugiums as it may affect and may kill Invertebrates, Clams, Snails, Crabs, Fish, Shrimp and Copepod populations. 
Directions: Dr.G's Coral Dip must be used outside any aquarium system, we suggest a disposable container that will only be used to Dip Corals. 
Shake bottle very well, add the desired amount of concentrate to the container and add water (Use water from the system where the Coral will be placed, this minimizes shock to the specimen). 
Contents of this bottle will produce up to 10 liters (2.63 Gallons) of Dr.G's Coral Dip. It can be used all at once, or as smaller portions as follows: 
To obtain 10 Liters (2.63 Gallons) of Final Product, mix 8 oz (Full Bottle) of Dr.G's Coral Dip concentrate, with approximately 9.75 Liters (9760 ml / 330 fl oz) of Aquarium water. 
To obtain 5 Liters (1.32 Gallons) of Final Product, mix 4 oz (1/2 Bottle) of Dr.G's Coral Dip concentrate, with approximately 4.9 Liters (4939 ml /167 fl oz) of Aquarium water. 
To obtain 2.5 Liters (0.65 Gallons) of Final Product, mix 2 oz (1/4 Bottle) of Dr.G's Coral Dip concentrate, with approximately 2.4 Liters (2455 ml / 83 fl oz) of Aquarium water. 
Mix very well. Your Coral Dip is ready to be used. 
Place Coral inside the container and allow to bathe for 6 hours, from time to time, you can shake the coral in the dip, as this action will help the parasites to fall of the specimen. After 6 hours remove Coral from the Dip, Rinse in a second Container, with saltwater from your system and place Coral into your main aquarium. 
Do not reuse the coral dip or the rinse water, as parasites release toxins. Discard both the Dip and the rinse. 
Please note that Dr.G's does not recommend the use of this product directly into any Aquarium system. 
Ingredients: Milbemcyn oxime, Vitamin C, and RO/DI Water. 
Not for Human Use. Not for in Tank/Aquarium Use. Use as an Outside Dip Only. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Do not ingest. Keep away from food. In case of skin contact, wash skin with soap and plenty of water. In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Keep away from children and pets. 
8 oz (236.5 ml)
Made in the USA
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